Event Check-In List & Details

Tournament Information For: The Steam Masters - The Fire Water Open
In Game To LookUp: The Steam Masters-SE1-WK12 Format: Stroke
Start Date: 4/22/2019 End Date: 4/28/2019 Season: 1 Week: 12
Rounds To Play: 2 Purse: $1,950,000.00
TD Event Comments: Please make sure you are posting the exact score card you have in game. Good luck all have fun!
Round Courses Playing Per Rournd Par
1 TPC Louisiana 72
2 Black Lake CC Final 71

The Event Check-In List
Country Golfer Name System
Dank   Robert  Moore
SandBlaster   Steven  Van Arsdel
Mcoale2004   Michael   Coale
TeeToGreens.com   Marc  Harmon
GWitzel   gary  witzel
ir0nbelly stephen  watkins
pepg Paul  Giraud
undertaker63   leon  hiebert
pommer2k5   Chuck  Hebert
joey Joey  Hall
Lou   Lou  Coulombe
Baco77 Mark  Fleming
Jagman Ron  Boychuk
Quell_Italiano_Li Maurizio  Fabbroni
Randy Randy  Hartwick
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