Event Check-In List & Details

Tournament Information For: The Steam Masters - PGA Championship
In Game To LookUp: The Steam Masters-SE1-WK5 Format: Stroke
Start Date: 3/4/2019 End Date: 3/10/2019 Season: 1 Week: 5
Rounds To Play: 2 Purse: $2,890,000.00
TD Event Comments: Just keep all on track how to play and post scores. Player Round 1 of The Player`s Club society post scores here on the site then play round 1 of TeeToGreens.com society post scores on this site. Thank you all for playing and good luck!
Round Courses Playing Per Rournd Par
1 PGA National 70
2 Emerald Lakes GC 72

The Event Check-In List
Country Golfer Name System
Lou   Lou  Coulombe
Dank   Robert  Moore
undertaker63   leon  hiebert
TeeToGreens.com   Marc  Harmon
bigsmiley69 Phil  Lohr
pepg Paul  Giraud
TheWindStalker Donald  Larry
Quell_Italiano_Li Maurizio  Fabbroni
GWitzel   gary  witzel
TAGROCKET Don  Tagariello
joey Joey  Hall
Bones Nathaniel  Hellingrath
Baco77 Mark  Fleming
Mcoale2004   Michael   Coale
Randy Randy  Hartwick
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