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Question 1. How To Play In The Tours Events

1) Keep in mind the way we will be keeping track of scores and events played you will have to follow the Steam Masters events way of doing this and here is the step by step instructions how to post your scores on TeeToGreens.com
   1a) Go to http://www.teetogreens.com/ scroll down until you see All Tour Current Events look for The Steam Masters Event for that week. Then right of that is Reserve Tee Time click Check-in. You are now all set take note after check-in of the courses you will be playing in the event and yes this is a multi course tour.
     1b) Open up the game go to The Player`s Club Society click on the event to start playing make sure it is the exact course that is in the description details after you checked in on the site. Play Round 1 of The Player`s Club Society event. VERY IMPORTANT: BEFORE you exit round 1 make sure to write down your score card (hole by hole info) OR take a screen shot and save it somewhere on your PC you will need this for the next step.
     1c) After completing Round 1 of The Player`s Club Society event go back to http://www.teetogreens.com/ scroll down until you see All Tour Current Events, the right of that is Post Score Card click Post SC. On that page make sure the score card information is the correct it will tell you what round you are posting for and course name. Fill out the entire score card you will be given options where to be transferred after that just select Take me to the Leader Board to make sure your scores got posted, submit.
     1d) For Round 2 go in the game and go to TeeToGreens.com Society VERY IMPORTANT: We are only taking the Round 2 scores from the TeeToGreens.com Society NOT Round 1 so yes play round 1 as normal when playing Round 2 before you exit the round 2 event VERY IMPORTANT : You must save your score card again for this round either write them down or take a screen shot. Go back to http://www.teetogreens.com/ scroll down until you see All Tour Current Events, the right of that is Post Score Card click Post SC Again look to make sure it is the correct round posting for and course select transfer me to the leader boards and submit.
     1e) That's it you have just played and posted scores for The Steam Masters Tour. You will be doing this same process each and every event. It is very simple more time you do it faster the process becomes and the average time to post your score card on the site is about 2 minutes. So, we are asking for 4 minutes of your time if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to join us on Facebook group TeeToGreens.com , post on the main page blog or join us on discord https://discord.gg/vZU4VWV

All prize rules are final and must be followed to insure the rest of the field that fair play is active. All prize money is in U.S. Dollars and can be paid out in either a paypal transfer or if a U.S resident paypal, check or money order. All winners will be notified via email it is the winners responsibility to have an updated email address in their profile on the site. All winners have 30 days to reply back with the information needed to collect such prizes. If the winners do not reply back with in the 30 day period the winners will forfeit such prizes. A list of the winners will be posted within 24 hours of the end of Season 1 of The Steam Masters Tour date. The prize give away is only good for Season 1 of The Steam Masters

Question 2. How Can I Create My Own Tour & Events

Coming Soon! This feature is in testing phase but soon as all testing is over we will release this feature to the community and it should be rather simple for you to set up your own Tour with few restriction. YES our automatic Leader Board system will work for your tour as well.

Question 3. How Can I Upload My Course To The Site

This is really easy and not much time to do it. You must be a Member of the site if you are not it`s free just click register at the top link panel. Then click "Upload A Course" under Courses tab. Follow the step by step instructions and that`s it. NOTE: You do not have to be the course designer to upload courses BUT try to have the basic information needed when uploading courses!

Question 4. How Can I Have My Course Be Played In A Tournament Event

For the most part the Tour Admins will have full control of which courses they will be playing in their Tours. The sites main Tour - "TeeToGreens.com-Seasons(TTGS) & The Daily Tour(TDT)" Will try every effort to play member created courses in their Tour

Question 5. How Can I Be Apart Of The TeeToGreens.com Team

We are looking for a few good people in the community to help us out on the site. Such as Course scouts and course up loaders. Duties for this job is simple check out some courses and upload the course info to the site.

Some PR help duties are simple just check out the community forums and our FaceBook page plug our site and get the word out.

Maybe you like doing Pod cast? that`s fine too.

For the more advanced help we would like to have some help in coding in "<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%>" .ASP you must be fluent writing code or have programs like "Dreamweaver CS5 or CS6" , "Visual Studio" OR graphic image designer. I use Photoshop CSC 2015 i also have Fireworks 8

So, if you would like to help out drop us a line click here or click "Contact Us" link at the top and you will get a reply back asap!

Question 6. How Can I Donate Funds

We at TeeToGreens.com like to thank you very much for your donation it is not a requirement in anyway and you will not get any special treatment except maybe a donation icon or something else down the road in time signifying that you have donated to the site.

There will be 2 ways you can donate. I have a paypal account(SO-Tour) and the button is below and the donation vaule is open to what ever vaule you would like to give. Also if you feel better doing it snail mail via check/money order the info is also listed below.

All donations will go towards the site is some way shape or form rather it be maybe prizes or site upgrades or something rest assured I am 100% dedicated on making this site the best it can be and will never stop doing it!

Paypal donate button please click (Please note after your donation on paypal you will be transferred to a thank you page on this site and saying your name. IF for some reason you do not see the thank you ---Name--- send me a message i`ll look into it a.s.a.p

PayPal Go To -

Or to send check / money order to:
Marcus Harmon
1130 Roan Court
Apt. # H
Greencastle Indiana

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