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We at like to thank you very much for your donation it is not a requirement in anyway and you will not get any special treatment except maybe a donation icon or something else down the road in time signifying that you have donated to the site.

There will be 2 ways you can donate. I have a paypal account(SO-Tour) and the button is below and the donation vaule is open to what ever vaule you would like to give. Also if you feel better doing it snail mail via check/money order the info is also listed below.

All donations will go towards the site is some way shape or form rather it be maybe prizes or site upgrades or something rest assured I am 100% dedicated on making this site the best it can be and will never stop doing it!

Paypal donate button please click (Please note after your donation on paypal you will be transferred to a thank you page on this site and saying your name. IF for some reason you do not see the thank you ---Name--- send me a message i`ll look into it a.s.a.p

PayPal Go To -

Or to send check / money order to:
Marcus Harmon
1130 Roan Court
Apt. # H
Greencastle Indiana

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