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Green Keepers Society Rules

The How ,What And Where

Short Name: TGK

Tour Director: Marcus  Harmon

Player/Golfer: TeeToGreens.com

Tour Since: 8/11/2019

Format: Stroke

Rounds Playing: 2

Weeks Per Season: 25

Competing On: PC - Steam

Tour Rules:

1) Be a member of Green Keepers society in game and register on this site with the EXACT name you play with in game under Golfer Name/Steam Tag Name on registration page or edit the name in your account on this site.

2) Join Green Keepers society in game

3) Play the events schedule after each event points and earnings will be going out to those members who complete the event.

4) Members that complete each event will also earn points toward the new WGC(World Golf Cup) Ranking system

5) ABSOLUTELY NO CHIPPING ON THE GREENS! PERIOD, Unless there is a clear obstruction from your ball to the hole such as a bunker or if the break of the green will cause your ball to go through the fringe/fairway to get to the hole on your putt. IF caught chipping on the greens without it being justified you will be banned from BOTH Green Keepers and TeeToGreens.com societies and banned from this site NO EXCEPTIONS!

Other Info:

The Green Keepers is the sister society of TeeToGreens.com my cousin has the game but never plays so he said it would be alright to use his scoeity for project. Green Keepers society will be doing 2 round event schedule Sunday thru Saturday all stats will be collected and at the end of each event points and earnings will be awarded. Green Keepers society will now be apart of the Steam Masters Tour.

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